Meet the metateam

Bloometa’s mission is to create a curated space for metaverse gamers.

We founded Bloometa with the goal of building the first complete ecosystem for metaverse players and the mission to ease the process of trading in-game assets.

THE BLOOMETA TEAM and advisors

Our team is comprised of driven entrepreneurs, gaming industry professionals, blokchain experts and engineers.

Antoine Delannoy
Co-founder & CEO

Entrepreneurial background, built a subscription management platform based on smart contracts, worked at EY, Capgemini Invent, HSBC, UBS.

Pierre-Antoine Arsaguet

Co-founder & CTO

Engineer in Data Science, Blockchain & AI developer, built cross-chain bridge Hashi Protocol, got second place in Tezos Hackathon.

Victor Laforet

Blockchain developer

Engineering background, blockchain developer, built a decentralized betting app, recently got second place in Tezos Hackathon.

Joachim Gillet
Head of Growth

Entrepreneur, strategist, and Metaverse expert who helped grow companies to large communities of thousands of members.

Mohamed Frihat

Smart Contract Developer

Blockchain engineer and Data scientist, former researcher for The French National Centre for Scientific Research.

Alexandre Bourjade

Head of Business Development

Alexandre is a former professional esports gamer and an avid Web3 enthusiast. He knows the gaming industry like the back of his hand.

Leonard Gouillard

Data Analyst

Leonard is a Big Data & Business Analytics expert who is passionate about Web3 and the open metaverse.

Olivier Leroy

Data Analytics Advisor

Head of Datalab at PMP & Datavisualisation, Lecturer at ESCP, expert in data sets and data insights.

Sebastien Borget

Strategic Advisor

Sebastien is co-founder of the popular open metaverse The Sandbox and is the president at Blockchain Game Alliance.

Ben Constanty


Co-founder of Smartlink, co-founder of Vortex the leading AMM on Tezos, Chairman at The Blox, a Web3  accelerator.

Bilal El Alamy


Co-founder and CTO at Dogami, a P2P AR game, co-founded Equisafe, CEO at Pyratz Labs, a Venture Studio for Web3 projects.

Guillaume Merlini
Gaming Advisor

Founder & CEO of Gamers Origin, expert in eSports, marketing and partnerships in the gaming industry. 

Arthur Perticoz

Financial Advisor

CEO & Founder at Majelan & Founder of Wynd, has raised $100M over his career and helped several companies grow.

Maxime Sarthet

Legal Advisor

CEO at Equisafe, eSport innovator, helped scale several companies across the gaming and blockchain industry.



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